Carriage House

Carriage House KitchenKitchen Renovation, 2009
Philadelphia, PA

The former carriage house was converted to a residence in the early 20th century, with additions made in the 1930s and 1960s. The kitchen renovation removed several partitions, combining the old kitchen, laundry, and guest room into a single space.

After the area had been cleared, every effort was made to maintain the sense of openness while settling the new components into the existing stone envelope. The interior materials, including honed granite, stainless steel, tongue-and-groove doors, cherry, and ash were chosen for their the inherent qualities. The detailing emphasizes these qualities over issues of style.

There are generous amounts of open storage on the plate rack, bookshelf, and stainless-steel wall unit (above the main prep area.) The atmosphere is light, and people seem to enjoy being in the room both to cook and to eat.