Levy DiCarlo Partners was founded in 2007 by Peter DiCarlo, RA and Claudia Levy, RLA.  We are a small-footprint design firm specializing in bespoke architecture and landscape architecture for residential, institutional and not-for-profit organizations.

We see our work within a cultural context — a context shaped by functional, ecological and economic realities.  We work for people and their institutions and are involved in the many aspects that make up a project: design, planning, budgeting, administration, promotions, graphic design, project management, mapping, community development and advocacy.  Our approach is tailored to each project, combining pragmatism with innovative design thinking.

Located in northwest Philadelphia, LDCP is active in local community development and historic preservation.

Levy DiCarlo Partners LLC
Architecture & Landscape Architecture
545 West Ellet Street
Philadelphia, PA 19119

Peter DiCarlo

Claudia Levy