Frist Campus Center

pcc vsba facadePrinceton University 1997-2000
Peter DiCarlo, Project Architect for Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates

The Campus Center includes 3 categories of facilities: hospitality, academic, and performance spaces. Fitting the new program into the old physics laboratory called for doubling the size of the building to a total of 185,000 square feet.

Hospitality functions include a dining hall with multiple specialty kitchens, 2 cafes, a multi-purpose meeting space with catering facilities, and a lobby-like area with retail spaces. The original front door was replaced by 6 separate entries: traffic is collected in the space characterized by “Princeton Graffiti” and directed through the lobby to the atrium. This territory, from the doors to the atrium, was dubbed “The Streets.”

Academic functions include a small library, teaching and study centers, classrooms, and offices for both faculty and students. The performance accommodations provide for rooms movies and projection, spoken-word presentations, and video recording.

All mechanical, electrical, communications, plumbing, and fire-protection systems were replaced in the old building. The facility was acoustically balanced to accommodate its various and competing functions.

Texts, images, and the installation of memorabilia were the collaborative work of the architectural team and the University.

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