Frist Campus Center

pcc vsba facadePrinceton University 1997-2000
Peter DiCarlo, Project Architect for Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates

The Campus Center includes 3 categories of facilities: hospitality, academic, and performance spaces. The new program doubled the size of the old physics laboratory to a total of 185,000 square feet.

Hospitality functions include a dining hall, a multi-purpose meeting space, two cafes, and a concourse  area with retail spaces. Included are multiple specialty kitchens and catering facilities.

Academic functions include a library, teaching/study centers, classrooms, and faculty/student offices. Performance spaces accommodate front & rear projection, spoken-word presentation, and recording.

Services were upgraded throughout and the facility. Mr. DiCarlo worked with the Project Manager to lead a team of 3-5 associates in final programming, design, and production of CDs for the interior.

Entering foot traffic is directed through an area on the lower level of the old building into spaces characterized by “Princetoniana” – quotes, images, and memorabilia. Mr. DiCarlo designed the installation, working with the University to select materials.