CLT House 2016

SSE vp at grade


Currently in construction.

int pan.jpg

First floor CLT walls

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is a structural system that can be used for the slabs and vertical supporting elements of a fire-resistant structure. It has the advantages of providing high acoustic isolation, high thermal mass, and natural air-quality control. Compared to concrete, it offers low embodied energy and high degree of carbon capture. For these reasons CLT is a strong up-and-coming green building technology. At this time CLT still little-used in the US.

The strategy of massing the building around the room volumes allows large openings for light and air without sacrificing privacy. The same strategy helped to articulate interior spaces within the open plan. The CLT is exposed at the interior and promises to have a strong tectonic presence. The envelope has exterior insulation in the fashion of passive house construction.

The site is at the interior of a city block, isolated from the street. In this context, the irregular shape of the building keeps time by changing over the course of a day.