Bucks County Farmette

Ottsville, PA 2011

Located in a beautiful area of Upper Bucks County, this 9-acre property has an awkward T-shaped configuration with the house located at the intersection. While the grounds afford some lovely rural views, the property was poorly graded and organized by the original developer. Recognizing this, the owner, a horsewoman, asked LDCP for a master plan to help guide improvements over time. The plan preceded any immediate intent to implement projects, and was done on a tight budget.

The master plan seeks a balance between functional and aesthetic considerations, and provides for the following program:

Preservation and enhancement of views from the house and deck
A planting approach for the property and for beds near the house
Vegetable garden, including fruit trees
Paddock and run-in shed for 2 horses
Fenced pasture
Circuit for riding on property and connection to local trails
Improvements to vehicular circulation near garage and behind house
Driveway re-alignment to maximize pasture area
Horse trailer storage
Storm water utilization & management; improvements to site drainage
Prioritize energy and resource efficiency
Ability to phase construction and implementation over time